CMO Virtual World RolePlaying Grid is a home creating to fuse the best of Urban RP roleplay with some innovating features, Including AI families, Roleplay Player built Cities and Player City Factions and no Meta Gaming.

Chaos Mind Online City building

Build your home, your city, your nation from the ground up. We provide the Roleplaying Tools and you provide the RolePlay. We welcome your SL or other virtual world communities to setup in CMO a place made for your urban family RP.

Custom Housing / Cities Packages

Not only can you build your houses from the ground you can also purchase premade houses and get a jump start on your city building.

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We look forward to showcasing our work and soon having our new citizens living there best virtual life in CMO.


What makes Chaos Mind Online Unique?

City Building

Our focus is great player cities and unique areas to role play and live.

Player Families

We pride ourselves in our families and our communities. What will your family bring to CMO.

AST Tech

Our Angel System Tech powers our npcs and bots.

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YRWYS System

You reap what you sow karma system. This advanced system creates endless dynamic situations that will breathe life into your characters stories.

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Life system

Your Character and all our NPC live breath, eat, drink and sleep, Taking care of them will matter in this place.

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Join our Discord Community and get accesss to custom titles, start forming your communities and plan your roleplay while we are in our building stages.

Our team

Yare Weslyn

Yare Weslyn


CMO Blog

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